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Is anything going into my brain. 

Here is where your FAq's will for appointments

Is anything going into my brain. 

Nothing is going into the brain, it is just reading your brainwave activity.

How are the sensors applied to the scalp? 

They are applied with a paste that is made out of glucose and other natural ingredients. 

Does it hurt? 

No. It is just reading the brainwaves. Actually, it can be quite enjoyable, because the client gets to choose the feedback they use during the session. Some options are playing a video game or watching a movie. 

How many appointments do I need to do with nuerofeedback?

The brain needs time to self-regulate. Similar to doing physical therapy. 20 appointments is the suggested amount to start with. 

How effective is neurofeedback? 

The success rate commonly quoted by clinicians and in published scientific research for neurofeedback for certain conditions is 75%-80% .

Do I have to finish all 20 sessions of the neurofeedback?

This is your journey of healing. How you choose to do that is your choice. 

Neurofeedback FAQ's
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