Thank you so much for fearlessly sharing your story so that others can benefit! You have taken a horribly traumatic experience and turned it into something beautiful and inspiring! I know that your story will be able to help countless people through seemingly hopeless situations. I truly feel inspired and empowered to decide to wake up each day and simply do the best that I can.

Thank you so much for sharing!

Josh H.

I totally enjoyed this cd. I listened to it in the car with my husband and it helped us each in different ways. I learned that I can do hard things and that if i step back and look at my life I can find so many blessings. I have given this as a gift to several friends and gotten great feedback from them also.

Diane S.

I have listened to both volumes of Becky's CD's over and over again. Every time I hear something new that I benefit from. Her strength, courage and determination is empowering. You must order and then enjoy!!!!

Nikki S.


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